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3D CAD Drawings are here!!

With the integration of technical documents and modern design tools becoming widely prominent in the industry and in an effort to provide the most complete and up-to-date technical information to its customers, Duplomatic Oleodinamica has now released a 3D catalog for a vast majority of its components.

The 3D models can be found here.

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Axes control system

Duplomatic Oleodinamica has developed a complete range of high performance products for axes control systems.
The servo-proportional valves DXE*J, the proportional valves DSE*J (available in CETOP 03 and CETOP 05 sizes) and the proportional valves DSPE*J (available in CETOP 07, 08, 10 sizes) represent the perfect combination for precise movements: the position feedback and the on-board electronics allow an hysteresis and repeatability lower than 0,1%, a frequency response up to 100 Hz at <90 with a 10% signal and a pressure gain that allows to reach the 80% of total pressure with a 2% signal. These proportional valves are made in compliance with the EMC standards and IP67 protection degree. They are available also with mechanical zero overlap spool. An optional software kit enables the reading of the values coming from the external command, the exclusion of PLC and the direct control of the valve, the interfacing of PC and electronic card.The EWM* digital cards for closed loop control, suitable for DIN EN type 50022 rail mounting, are available for the following controls: positioning, pressure, pressure and flow, speed, axes synchronism. The EWM-PID card is customizable for a complete control of the parameters and values. Also unspecialized staff will be able to use this software guaranteeing good performances in compliance with current market requests.Duplomatic Oleodinamica has a wide range of HC* actuators with built-in magnetostrictive sensors, high dynamics, low friction, to complete the axes control system.

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