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The VSK* valves are shuttle type, cartridge version and these can be used in panels and blocks.

VR*-I valves are one-way check valves cartridge type construction and can be used in blocks or panels.

VD*-W* valves are check valves with threaded “BSP” ports for mounting in-line on hydraulic lines.

VR*-P valves are one-way check valves constructed in the subplate mounting version.

VP*-P*-MU valves are check valves with hydraulic release, constructed in a version with subplate mounting in accordance CETOP 06 and 08.

The CFP valves are pilot operated check valves,expressly designed for hydraulic presses, to alloweasy filling and empting of the press cylinder duringthe fast down and raise strokes.

Logic Elements LC and LP

Logic elements are cartridge valves suitable for installation in blocks or manifolds. They are available infive different sizes: ND 16 - 25 - 32 - 40 - 50 - 63

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